13th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit

Recruiting and enrolling patients for clinical trials and clinical research can often be a long and difficult process. Furthermore, with the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone is suddenly finding themselves living in uncertain times. Businesses are closed, schools are cancelled. But what about your clinical trial? The unpredictable and unmatched situation the coronavirus has created is challenging all of us in so many ways, not only emotionally but professionally and economically, as well. The only thing that is certain is that the duration and the impact this pandemic will have on the world of clinical research will be unsure for the foreseeable future. Are you interested in finding out how big pharma companies are dealing with such challenges nowadays? Do not hesitate and join our interactive business conference to have your questions answered!

The 13th Annual Patient Recruitment and Retention Summit has been designed to discuss the latest industry trends and developments on the market, mainly focusing on patient-centric approach, retention and recruitment, effective strategies to maintain the research participation, the role of technology in the digital era, achieving clinical operations excellence, how to ensure effective change management and much more. But the main question which is the cornerstone is: To what extend is COVID-19 impacting clinical trial recruitment? This highly interactive business meeting will provide you with the valuable information and strategic key visions from the top European pharma experts who will share their insights and experience. It is the right place to enjoy friendly atmosphere thanks to limited seats, experience many networking opportunities and establish important business contacts! Attend our pharma conference and benefit from the opportunities shared by senior-level players representing the biggest pharma companies in Europe.

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Key speakers

Domenico Merante

Domenico Merante

VP, Global Clinical Development
Sotirios Perdikeas

Sotirios Perdikeas

Global Head Resource Management and Analytics
Lasse Funch Jacobsen

Lasse Funch Jacobsen

Senior Lead of Patient Research and Alliances
Sigrid Achenbach

Sigrid Achenbach

Head of Clinical Trial Transparency
Vladimir Anisimov

Vladimir Anisimov

Principal Data Scientist
Olive Fulton

Olive Fulton

Patient Advocate

Key topics

  • Diversification of your patient recruitment approach
  • What is truly essential to ensure patient retention?
  • How to build the patient-centred culture across the company?
  • What are the challenges of virtual clinical trials?
  • To what extend is COVID-19 impacting clinical trial recruitment?
  • Is the impact of this pandemic on the world of clinical research uncertain for the foreseeable future?
  • How to use the technology to enhance the research?
  • Looking past COVID-19, will patients be more cautious and hesitant to participate in the future?
  • How data-driven approaches can boost the recruitment processes?

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from the pharma industry involved in:

  • Patient Recruitment
  • Patient Retention
  • Clinical Trials
  • Clinical Study
  • Patient Centricity
  • Recruitment Programmes
  • Patient Engagement
  • Site & Patient Access
  • Trials Transparency
  • Feasibility & Recruitment