12th Annual Customer Experience Management in Telecom Summit

High demand of the customers is creating a friction between the promise telco companies are struggling to deliver, and the customer satisfaction and seamless interaction. Today's younger generation does not want to go to the branch to be served, and telcos need to undergo a full digital transformation in order to serve these customers better. With the rise of augmented and virtual reality, telco customers are finally one step closer to reaching the point of a real customer satisfaction. Are telecom companies ready to deliver the high-end customer service and experience, using these technologies? Or will we have to wait a bit longer to be served the way we demand?

The 12th Annual CEM in Telecom Summit focuses on hot topics in the industry and gives you a great opportunity to hear about digital customer experience, customer journey and services, as well as the latest trends, innovations or mobile apps from the top players.

This interactive customer experience event has been designed for you to get together with the top experts in the industry. Don't miss out on the great opportunity to network and discuss how to deliver a great customer experience, turn down the rise in silent churners, and enhance the overall quality of your services. Our telecommunication event provides you with valuable tips, ideas and insights on how to transform your business into one your customers will be satisfied with.

The seats are limited, get your tickets today in order to ensure you will attend this CX conference and stir up debate with senior-level decision-makers.

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Key speakers

Marie-Lousie Masreliez

Marie-Lousie Masreliez

Head of Tele2 Online
Artur Urbański

Artur Urbański

VP Consulting
Cesar Vistas

Cesar Vistas

Commercial Operations Director
Hans Fløe Mølby Steffens

Hans Fløe Mølby Steffens

Head of Customer Experience & Journey Design
Fredrik Lemming

Fredrik Lemming

Director Sales - Customer Experience
Miguel Angel Carrasco

Miguel Angel Carrasco

Customer Care Director

Key topics

  • AI, digitalisation and digital transformation in customer experience management
  • Seamless (digital) customer experience strategies
  • Personalised customer approach
  • Creating personalised mobile applications
  • AR/VR in the telecom industry
  • Creating customer-centric culture
  • Data-based customer engagement
  • Building emotional connections

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from telecommunication industry involved in:

  • Customer experience
  • Digital
  • Digital customer experience
  • Customer value proposition
  • Customer experience management
  • Customer relations management
  • Digital products enhancing customer experience
  • Wearables and mobile apps
  • Customer insights
  • Customer journey
  • Customer value
  • Voice of customer