Ultimate Success: Happy Employees — Happier Customers

Q1.How has DHL Ecommerce integrated new technologies to improve customer service delivery?

Digitalisation is one of our important pillars in the DHL ecommerce strategy as well in the strategy of Customer Service. Within CS we combine technology with human touch. Our starting point is to automate routine processes and use technology to make work for advisors supportive as much as we can so the advisors can focus on the customer and customer needs.


Q2.As a leader in a high-pressure industry, what principles guide your leadership style, especially in managing such a critical and customer-focused team?

DHL Ecommerce stimulates the development of management to become a leader focused on respect and results. Our leadership style can be described as a coaching style. 

We see this as the following: happy employers, better service, happy customers and more business success.


Q3. Looking ahead, what major trends do you foresee in ecommerce logistics, and how do you prepare to meet these future challenges and opportunities?

Definitely AI, Machine Learning and ChatGTP technologies will influence our core processes within DHL and Customer Service. On the long road I also see more possibilities in voice. In the Netherlands we are facing a tight labour market and with new technologies we will be able to work with advisors from various countries, even when the Dutch language is not the native language.

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