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3 Questions For Barbara Dymerska

Which KPIs are driving customer experience at your company?

We have different KPIs driving Customer Experience.
First one is NPS – Net Promoter Score.
It is a perceptional index to measure whether our customers recommend us to others. It allows our company to compare ourselves with other telco operators.
We also measure NPS on operational level in “hot survey” after interaction. It helps us see how the contact channels perform in different Customer Journeys.
The next KPI is CES – Customer Effort Score. Why? To know whether our processes and Customer Journeys based on them are easy and efficient for our Customers.
And finally – churn. All I have mentioned above is for keeping our Customers happy and loyal. I mean – churn shows us whether we are on the good way to keep our customers at Orange.


How do you attract customer’s attention?

We have a set of offers adjusted for different types of Customers and different types of needs including a low-cost brand. Our strategy is an increase of convergent customer base. We have a wide portfolio of services (mobile voice & broadband, fix services and internet), and we can offer our Customers a combined product – unique in the Polish market.
We also offer the fastest internet – FTTH, and close to 3,5M of Orange Customers are in the coverage.
I’d also like to mention a special group of Customers – the Seniors. We call them “Young by heart”. They’re fourth part of our base, and because of their special needs we treat them in a special way – i.e. we have dedicated Customer Service and people trained to serve seniors, dedicated standard in point of sale, bigger font on invoices, etc.. We have received an independent certificate “OK Senior” confirming that our services are senior friendly.


How are you implementing Omnichannel approach in the customer journey?

We have a long journey behind us and still a lot to do.
Our direction is to ensure that our Customers are able to buy and find solution in each contact channel.
We’ve built one common tool “OMNI” – available for our employees in the Contact Center and shops as well as for our Customers. We make sure we deliver the same information to the Customer and have the same processes in all touch points.
We want our Customers to start and finish their journey in the channel which is preferred by them. One of the examples is the “pick up store” standard. It means that Customer can start purchasing via Call Center or online shop, but receives the device in the closest shop.
Our direction is to ensure a Seamless Customer Experience. The strong point is digitalization (i.e. Mobile First strategy – mobile access to self-service or mobile app) and AI solutions which help us recognize Customers’ needs proactively or deliver the best solution reactively.

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