3rd Annual Digital Therapeutics and Pharma Summit

With the rise of the pandemic in recent years and the digitalisation of processes, the demand for remote patient treatment has increased in the pharmaceutical industry. That is why we have been witnessing a revolutionary shift with the integration of digital therapeutics. What doors of opportunities for both patients and pharmaceutical companies have the fusion of healthcare and technology opened? How to prove its efficiency and provide solutions to engage patients?

The 3rd Annual Digital Therapeutics and Pharma Summit has been designed to cover all the current hot topics and challenges regarding AI and ML in drug discovery, clinical trials and real-world data, remote patient monitoring, digital transformation, data privacy and security, digital innovations and many others. At this interactive conference you will have the opportunity to participate in roundtable and panel discussions to share ideas and grow your professional links with the experts in this industry.

Do not miss the chance to engage, receive insights, learn and share experience with other C-level decision-makers from competitive companies internationally!

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Key speakers

Ramón Serres

Ramón Serres

Information Security Director
Evi Mathiou

Evi Mathiou

Legal, Compliance & Quality Director
Alexander Hecht

Alexander Hecht

Global Medical Science Director
Maximilian Hahn

Maximilian Hahn

Customer Experience Excellence Director
Ahmed Hnoosh

Ahmed Hnoosh

Director of Worldwide Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Key topics

  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in drug discovery
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) are actively promoting to capture the patient’s perspective. How to make it easily?
  • Research and development: Developing new digital interventions
  • Digital healthcare becoming more user-friendly: How does EPR impact patient safety? 
  • Why are cybersecurity and data privacy significant in the context of digital therapeutics and pharmaceuticals, and what are the regulatory requirements and guidelines in place to protect patient data?
  • Improving patient outcomes with cross-industry collaboration between DTx & Pharma companies 
  • Clinical trials and real-world evidence: The integration of real-world data, including digital biomarkers, into clinical trials to enhance patient. How to improve trial efficiency?
  • How do collaborative ecosystems in the digital therapeutics and pharmaceutical field drive innovation and advance patient care?

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from the pharma industry involved in:

  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Digital Healthcare
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Digital Devices
  • E-health
  • Digital Treatment
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Digital Partnerships
  • Health Partnerships
  • IT Digital
  • Health Economics
  • Health Strategy
  • Digital Strategy Innovations
  • Integrated Care Digital Technologies
  • Measurement Science
  • Digital Transformation
  • R&D Digital