14th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit

          The field of customer experience management is rapidly evolving with a focus on personalisation, omnichannel experiences, and the use of emerging technologies to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Join our 14th Annual Customer Experience Management Summit to gain insights from industry peers on how to implement innovative practices and provide immersive experiences for your customers.

         Learn about the current state of this quickly changing field and discover practical examples of how to efficiently cope with it. Our business conference features senior-level decision makers from retail, banking, pharma, IT, telecom, automotive, and other major industries, who will share their most successful practices and lessons learned.

          Network with your peers from leading companies, get inspired by diversity, and stay up-to-date with the latest key points and trends. This is the perfect opportunity for change-makers looking to drive innovation in their customer experience management strategies.

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Key speakers

Thomas Reby

Thomas Reby

Head of Hardware and Google Store, EMEA
Andrea Eusebi

Andrea Eusebi

Retail Area Manager - Region Nord Ovest
Paolo De Angeli

Paolo De Angeli

Head of Customer Experience and Customer Value Management
Roberta Passerini

Roberta Passerini

Head of Global Omnichannel Engagement
Giovanni Tavani

Giovanni Tavani

Director, Global Customer Care and Social Media

Key topics

  • Personalisation: Data and technology usage for personalising customer experiences at scale
  • Develop emotional intelligence in customer service teams to improve empathy, communication, and rapport with customers
  • Voice assistants and chatbots: Best practices for providing a seamless and satisfying customer experience
  • How to map customer journeys across multiple touchpoints and channels and use insights to optimise customer experiences and increase loyalty?
  • Strategies for leveraging social media to engage with customers, respond to feedback, and build brand reputation
  • Create cohesive, consistent customer experiences across multiple channels, including brick-and mortar stores, websites, and mobile apps
  • How to gather and analyse customer feedback to identify areas for improvement, track progress, and demonstrate the value of customer experience initiatives?
  • How to build ethical frameworks and policies that prioritise customer privacy, fairness, and transparency in the use of data and technology

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from cross-industry involved in:

  • Customer service
  • Customer success management
  • Customer relationship management
  • User experience design
  • Service design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer feedback and survey management
  • Customer data analysis
  • Customer behavior psychology
  • Customer loyalty and retention management
  • Customer-centric strategy
  • Customer experience consulting
  • Customer experience training and development
  • Customer experience research
  • Customer experience analytics
  • Customer experience technology solutions
  • Customer experience software development
  • Customer experience measurement and metrics
  • Customer advocacy
  • Customer experience leadership and management