16th Annual Banking Credit Risk Management Summit

Financial institutions are subject to a huge number of different risks. For instance, the recent global war conflict & pandemic have revealed many flaws in the banking industry which have made banks rethink their current strategies and adjust to the new dynamics to get back to full growth.

The 16th Annual Banking Credit Risk Management Summit is a two-day business meeting which aims to bring together top industry speakers who will provide valuable insights on the ongoing hot topics from the credit risk field: how to gradually embrace open banking with new technologies to meet customers’ rising needs, how to deal with the pressure coming from governments to implement regulations and be compliant with all regulatory changes, how to rethink risk management models and convert them into more climate-aware versions or how to reduce the inflationary pressures.

Representatives of the greatest banks will share their experiences and views on the current sector challenges and opportunities as well as predictions about future trends in credit risk. You will enjoy networking with the industry shapers to the fullest and bringing your tips to the table. Let yourself get embraced by the uniquely friendly atmosphere and many other benefits of the summit.  

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Key speakers

Erics <b>Plato</b>

Erics Plato

Senior Credit Officer
Florian <b>Stryeck</b>

Florian Stryeck

Chief Risk Officer
Hasib <b>Haq</b>

Hasib Haq

COO Risk and Finance - Global Program Lead IFRS9
Idrissa <b>Coulibaly</b>

Idrissa Coulibaly

Chief Risk Officer
Roko <b>Uglesic</b>

Roko Uglesic

Managing Director for Group Models and Data
Enno <b>Veerman</b>

Enno Veerman

Deputy Head IFRS9 Modelling

Key topics

  • COVID-19 is taking a toll on banking systems: Increasing vigilance of governments
  • Impact of intensifying inflationary pressures on credit risk management
  • How is changing customers behaviour pressuring banks to rethink the cost, efficiency and sustainability of their risk-management models and processes?
  • How does the rise of digital payments impact credit risk management?
  • Upgrading Basel III to Basel IV: Will it force banks to rethink their capital allocation strategies?
  • How to eliminate potential cyber and ethical risks of AI and Machine Learning models?
  • Importance of understanding counterparty credit risk and real-time risk monitoring solutions
  • Vulnerability of banks to climate-related credit risk
  • Future challenges for credit risk management

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from the banking industry involved in:

  • Credit Risk
  • Trading Credit Risk
  • Credit Risk Control
  • Credit Risk Models
  • Credit Risk Analytics
  • Credit Risk Systems
  • Credit Risk Review
  • Credit Risk Validation
  • Credit Risk Monitoring
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Counterparty Credit Risk Methodology
  • Risk Appetite Framework and Model
  • Capital Management
  • Stress Testing
  • Portfolio Models
  • Regulatory Strategy
  • IFRS 9 Regulation
  • AIRB Modelling