4th Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit

Medical Affairs as a bridge between medical and commercial has been reshaping the pharma industry crucially. Over the past years, the MA department has gained many new important roles and become an integral part of any pharmaceutical company’s activities. That’s why we now must follow-up on the updates and transformations of Medical Affairs like never before.

The 4th Annual Global Medical Affairs Summit has been created to answer the hot questions and challenges that the Medical Affairs department is facing. Its aim is to prepare pharma professionals for the new level of interactions with healthcare providers (HCP), dwell on the MA framework after COVID-19, address evidence generation issues, reveal the efficient partnerships establishment strategies, and many others.

Join our Medical Affairs Summit and enjoy real-life case studies from senior-level experts who are bringing the Medical Affairs teams’ performance to a new level. A 5-star venue, as well as the limited seat number in the audience, will facilitate the flow of insights and inspiration, the establishment of important business contacts, and unique networking opportunities. Register now and don’t miss your chance to whiteness this remarkable pharma event by yourself.

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Key speakers

Peter <b>RUTHERFORD</b>


Vice President, Global Medical Affairs


Area Medical Director
Danilo  <b>LEMBO</b>

Danilo LEMBO

VP Head of Medical Affairs Europe
Samuele  <b>DORATORI</b>


Head Cardiovascular Global Medical and Patients Affairs
Laëtitia  <b>BOUÉRAT DUVOLD</b>


Senior Director, Head of Global MA Excellence

Key topics

  • Challenges and opportunities of medical education and research in 2022
  • Pharma reconsidering their strategies in the post-pandemic period: Medical Affairs work-frame, taking into account the new-normal situation
  • Digital communication channels and their impact on the MA interaction with the physicians and patients
  • Voice of the patient integration into Medical Affairs activities - insights and involvement
  • RWE driving changes in the healthcare industry. How does the real-world practice add to the understanding of safe and effective use of therapeutic innovations?
  • Guide on the transformation of Medical Affairs teams into Medical added-value teams as the way of bringing the stakeholders partnerships to the new level
  • How can Medical Affairs obtain a leading role in the cross-functional pharma & become a strong decision-maker?

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Heads of departments from the pharma industry involved in:

  • Medical Science Liaisons (MSL)
  • Medical Information
  • Medical Writing
  • Medical and Scientific Communication
  • Scientific Affairs
  • Real World Evidence
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Market Access
  • KOL/Thought Leader Relations/Engagement
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Medical Review
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research/HEOR
  • Product Launch
  • Patient Outcome
  • Patient Centricity
  • Digital Medical
  • Customer Value
  • Scientific Engagement
  • Scientific Partnerships
  • Commercial Operations
  • External Affairs
  • Medical Affairs Operations
  • Medical Strategy
  • Policy & Market Access
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Launch Management
  • Medical/Scientific/Patient Communications
  • Scientific Information