11th Annual Strategic Customer Excellence Summit

We have entered a human-centric era. These are the times when the humanistic approach defines everything from the general vision of your company to day-by-day activities. Leaders across various industries have to take a hard look at what the current state of the business is and reflect on potential inefficiencies. The situation is constantly changing and companies prepare for the next level of excellence with their customers. But is the path forward really clear? How to face customers’ needs and still remain highly productive and progressive?

The 11th Annual Strategic Customer Excellence Summit is an interactive business conference that will provide you with valuable tips from top players on developing an award-winning customer service strategy, customer service-driven team, customer engagement guidelines, identifying and implementing new technologies within CX, the importance of omnichannel communication and much more. Our customer excellence meeting has been designed for C-Level decision-makers from cross-industry companies in order to give you a chance to gain insights and benefit from remarkable case studies.

Do not wait and be the first to get valuable insights from top players in different industries, find solutions for your work, network, and establish important business contacts. Reserve your seat at this business event and do not miss to hear more than 16 real-life case studies.

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Key speakers

Thomas <b>KYRIACO</b>


CSR Customer Director
Nadezhda <b>OBEREMOK</b>


Managing Director, Corporate Customers
Diana <b>MEDIMOREC</b>


Head of Customer Optimization & Enablement
Patrick <b>APOSTOLO</b>


Corporate Operations Director EMEA
Paolo <b>PORRATI</b>


Head of Customer Service
Dr. Nicola J. <b>MILLARD</b>

Dr. Nicola J. MILLARD

Head of Customer Insight & Futurology, Global Innovation Team

Key topics

  • The main technologies in the CX which will be the mainstream in the nearly future
  • Putting customers at the center of your leadership and operations strategy: Is it beneficial for your company?
  • Trust issue & customer engagement: How to build a trusting relationship with your customer?
  • Customer as a co-creator of your customer service excellence: What kind of
  • representative’s power should you give your customer?
  • The increasing importance of omnichannel servicing: How is it displayed on CX?
  • Ways to empower your employees to achieve excellent customer service
  • Should we rethink the quality of customer service in the post-COVID-19 world?
  • On the way to your customer excellence: Guidance on all customer touchpoints
  • How to strike the right balance between personalization and functionality in the customer journey?

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from banking, telecom, retail, chemical/petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, aviation, hospitality, automotive industries involved in:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Loyalty Program
  • Customer Retention
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Brand Management and Performance
  • Customer-Centric Culture
  • Loyalty Partnerships
  • Rewards and Loyalty
  • Customer Care
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Excellence
  • Customer Value Management
  • Customer Value Proposition
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Customer Operations
  • Customer Analytics
  • Customer Centricity
  • Customer Insights
  • Customer Engagement
  • User Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • Digital Customer Experience
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Products Enhancing Customer Experience
  • Head of Partnerships
  • Contact Centres