9th Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit

In today’s fast changing and unforeseeable times, pharmaceutical companies need to follow a wide range of processes and stick to the majority of regulations, in order to ensure their pharmacovigilance is up to standards. But how to be in charge of the key component of effective drug regulation systems? The answer would be easy, well known as a PV.

Pharmacovigilance is the beating heart of pharmaceutical production. Without it, there would be no way to assess the effectiveness of drugs in comparison to their side effects. Especially today, when the pandemic is having a profound effect on the lives of millions of people around the world and the threat of disease and increasing casualties are destabilising every single industry, it’s important to protect the patients and enable the dissemination of knowledge amongst professionals to minimise the risk of adverse events. Let us see and reveal more what is hidden beyond the “unknown” of drug safety world.

The 9th Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance Summit has been designed to embrace all the current topics and challenges that are important to explore and find the answers on how to embark the patients on the pharmacovigilance ships, what are the advances in structured benefit-risk assessment, what are the effective tools in signal detections, what are types of data available for predictive approaches, how to trust Artificial Intelligence for bias-free identification of risk factors for ADRs and many more. At this 9th Annual Risk Management and Pharmacovigilance conference you will hear 16+ real-life case studies and you have a chance to meet C-level representatives of leading pharma companies that have managed to provide the best safety measures to their patients in recent years.

This interactive pharma meeting will provide you with lessons learned and valuable tips shared by top players in the field. You will also benefit from remarkable networking opportunities due to limited seats of this business event. It is the right place for sharing ideas, getting insights and inspiration, learning from experienced leaders and establishing important business contacts valuable for your next future business path!

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Key speakers

Rawad <b>ANTOUN</b>


Director, Safety and Pharmacovigilance Regions Lead, Americas
Michael <b>VON FORSTNER</b>


Head of Pharmacovigilance, Biosimilars
Stephanie <b>TCHERNY</b>

Stephanie TCHERNY

Global Head of Benefit-Risk Evaluation
Giovanni <b>FURLAN</b>

Giovanni FURLAN

Safety Risk Lead, Director
Yvonne <b>NANCIU</b>


Country Head Pharmacovigilance
Annalisa <b>RUBINO</b>

Annalisa RUBINO

Global Director Drug Safety Epidemiology

Key topics

  • Safety reporting activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic: What are the pillars?
  • Challenges measuring the effectiveness of risk minimisation measures
  • How to design a patient centred pharmacovigilance system?
  • Augmenting decision-making in PV through artificial intelligence
  • What are the safety standards for pharmaceutical products? 
  • Automation in pharmacovigilance data processing: Do you trust artificial intelligence?
  • How did the pandemic push pharmacovigilance to innovate?
  • The impact of new technologies on PV system

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from pharma industry involved in:

  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Risk Management
  • PV Monitoring
  • Signal Detection
  • Data Collection
  • Patient Safety
  • Drug Safety
  • Benefit-Risk Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance
  • PV Monitoring
  • Reporting and Data Collection
  • Compliance
  • Inspections
  • Management Safety Data
  • Lifecycle Management Quality
  • Clinical Safety