11th Annual Enhancing Customer Loyalty & Retention Summit

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it is important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”  This quote from Doug Warner put us in front of the question – is the customer loyalty relevant in today’s world? Customer loyalty is the main pillar for making a right decision of choosing a company’s product or service over their peers and competitors consistently and repeatedly. When a customer is loyal, he prefers quality of service and product over the price. Customer loyalty comes with time, it requires investment, appropriate marketing strategies and lots of interaction with the customer. Are you curious to know more about how top companies in the cross-industry are dealing with such a challenge? Let’s discover more!

The 11th Annual Customer Loyalty and Retention Summit has been designed to cover all important topics and issues related to customer loyalty programs, how to encourage customer loyalty during the pandemic, how to keep up with the innovations, why customer service is a crucial part of every company, how to set up the strategies to maintain the real and lasting relationships, and much more. This interactive customer loyalty summit is offering you the chance to meet and to get to know only C-level experts from top European companies who will reveal the internal data and share professional insights. Awarded leaders and companies in the cross-industry will provide you with most effective strategies and approaches related to loyalty and retention and due to the limited seats you can enjoy high-quality interaction and valuable discussions. What does it take to build customer loyalty in today’s retail world? This cross-industry conference will be the right place for sharing ideas, getting insights and inspiration, learning from experienced leaders and establishing important business contacts that you have always been looking for.

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Key speakers

Andrea <br><b>SAITTA</b>


Group Customer Experience Director
Moritz <br><b>WOLF</b>


Head of CRM and Strategy, eCommerce & Direct to Consumer EMEA
James <br><b>CAIRNS</b>


Head of Customer Insight & Needs
Stefano <br><b>VALDRIGHI</b>


VP Enterprise Customer Experience
Jan <br><b>ABRAHAMSSON</b>


Vice President, Strategic Customer Engagements


Director of Partnerships

Key topics

  • Maintaining customer loyalty and trust during times of uncertainty
  • What are the benefits of your customer loyalty program?
  • Customer retention and profit grow
  • Business strategies & real lasting relationships
  • How to build a customer loyalty in the digital era?
  • What differentiate you from the competitors: Develop a connection with your brand
  • How to use VoC data and increase revenue?
  • The future of e-commerce and brand loyalty

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from cross- industry involved in:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Loyalty Program
  • Customer Experience
  • Loyalty Partnerships
  • Digital Marketing
  • CRM & Loyalty
  • Service Delivery
  • Customer Success
  • E-Commerce
  • Customer Engagements
  • Customer Account Management
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy
  • Personalisation & Loyalty
  • Loyalty & Engagements