3rd Annual Supply Chain & Logistics in Chemical/Petrochemical Summit

To stay competitive in today’s chemical and petrochemical industry, manufacturers must sustain a high level of operational productivity. Moreover, current issues such as rapid commoditisation, complex supply chains, aging assets, and increased need for dynamic operations planning make it more demanding than ever before to achieve the level of productivity that drives differentiation and innovation. On the top of that, the chemical industry has lately been hit hard on all sides mainly due to the global pandemic in the world and the chemical industry is likely to feel the impact of the coronavirus pandemic from every directions. Is the supply chain field prepared for a new era and new challenges related to changing environment? How to focus on safety and build relationships with suppliers? If you are curious to look beyond, join us at this interactive conference and get all the answers.

The 3rd Annual Supply Chain & Logistics in ChemicalPetrochemical Summit will provide you with valuable discussions and networking sessions to analyse the main trends, challenges and key developments on the market related to the global pandemic and its effect on the supply chain world, how IoT, AI and blockchain drive the transformation, how to keep the supply chain safe, data optimisation, predictive planning, future of supply chain and many more. At this high interactive business event, you will have a great chance to meet only the top senior-level decision-makers from chemical and petrochemical companies internationally. They will share the ideas, tips and strategies on how to overcome the main issues in the industry and what are their predictions for the future. Meet only the top biggest chemical companies in Europe, get insights from 16+ interesting case studies and exchange important business contacts. On the top of that, there is a benefit of friendly atmosphere and limited seats in the audience ensuring you to be in the centre of action.

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Key speakers

Angel Caja

Angel Caja

Operations and SC Director
Jens Imbeck

Jens Imbeck

Director, Head of Administration & Logistics
Amr Elgedawy

Amr Elgedawy

Business Support Director
Lennart Heip

Lennart Heip

Global Modal & Technology Leader International Trade Operations
Arno Dalhuisen

Arno Dalhuisen

Global Head of Supply Chain Excellence
Henning Schussmüller

Henning Schussmüller

Head of Manager Supply Chain and Logistics Europe Turkey and Africa

Key topics

  • Driving sustainability and efficiency
  • Effects of global pandemic on supply chain in the chemical industry
  • Drive a rewarding supply chain improvement culture programmes in chemical cooperation
  • Optimising the supply chain world
  • Keeping the supply chain safe
  • How to boost sustainable SC performance?
  • Digital transformations in logistics
  • The contribution of data & analytics to the transformation of supply chain area
  • Looking to the future: What are the predictions and advanced forecasting?

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from chemical and petrochemical industry involved in:

  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Operations Processes
  • Terminal Planning
  • Global Sustainability
  • Supply Chain Digital
  • Logistics & Administration
  • Warehousing