4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit

Are you a banking expert and fan of technology and digital innovation? If yes, the 4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit is here for you.

This business conference connects experienced leaders from the top players in banking industry to discuss the latest trends and issues on the retail banking market.

New technologies make it easier for retail banks to attract and engage customers in a range of environments. As banks use these technologies to transform customer experience across their products and service offerings, they can benefit in other ways as well. However, in this ever changing era of globalisation, digitalisation and innovation, there are new technologies emerging in a higher speed than ever before. Recent technologies have entirely reshaped the way retail banking operates both on the customer-facing side, as well as how decisions are made and executed internally. 

4th Annual Retail Banking Technologies Summit is designed to provide you with a remarkable opportunity to hear about prevailing frameworks from senior-level decision-makers who will share their experience on topics related to retail banking technologies, open banking, APIs, payments innovation, blockchain, Fintech, digital transformation, business and innovation strategy processes, and many more. This banking event creates a unique opportunity to get their opinions, and moreover, to learn from their know-how. Come and be a part of an interactive conversation about the hot topics in retail banking world.

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Key speakers

Tomas Reytt

Tomas Reytt

Head of Digital Channels, Sales & Internet Banking
Craig Hughes

Craig Hughes

Chief Enterprise Architect
Elif Zeynep Pehlivaner

Elif Zeynep Pehlivaner

Vice President of Marketing & CRM Analytics
Sergey Shayakhmetov

Sergey Shayakhmetov

Chief Business Development Officer
Karen Bartlett

Karen Bartlett

Global Head of Content Strategy and Innovation
Alfonso Ayuso

Alfonso Ayuso

Chief Innovation Officer

Key topics

  • Predictions for the Retail Banking Landscape in 2020
  • Adapting for an Open Banking World
  • Using Blockchain Solutions in Retail Banking
  • Payments Innovation
  • Business and Innovation Strategy Processes
  • Digitalisation and the Customer Experience
  • Open Banking APIs
  • FinTech Partnerships
  • Regulatory Compliance & Cybersecurity

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of departments from banking industry involved in:

  • Retail Banking
  • Retail Processes
  • Retail Products
  • Retail Development
  • FinTech
  • Innovation
  • Blockchain
  • Digital Banking
  • Digital Transformation
  • Digital Channels
  • eStrategy & Technology
  • eBanking
  • E-Channels
  • Online Services
  • Customer Experience
  • Information Technology
  • Business Innovation
  • Big Data, IoT