3rd Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit

Banking industry is constantly changing and evolving, having realised the customers do not have time to stand in a queue in order to get the business done. Branch transformations are already in full bloom and digital customer experience is getting more satisfying every day. New technologies are enabling new strategic approach for mobile banking and allowing banks broader reach in order to retain their customers.
Engaging in the digital era is getting more popular and banks need to keep up with all the challenges that are emerging with these new opportunities.
Is digital banking the solution banks have been looking for? What is the catch they need to be ready for and what will the new technologies come up with next?
Learn the answers to these, and many other questions by joining this business conference!

The 3rd Annual Retail Banking Technologies MENA Summit has been designed to discuss various hot topics within the banking industry such as open banking, branch transformation, mobile wallets, the help of AI and innovative tools as well as providing the right customer experience.
We are bringing this great and interactive business meeting to the MENA region for the third time. Do not miss this great banking conference and take the chance to discuss the latest trends and challenges with the recognised experts in the industry.

Thanks to our focus on networking, you will gain valuable information related to the banking sector and open deep discussions with your industry peers. Get inspired by senior level decision makers and their great case studies, and learn how to overcome challenges the whole industry is dealing with. Reserve your seat today for our business event and get ready for the new era of banking.

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Key speakers



Director of Information Security, CISO


Senior Vice President (Internal Audit)


Group Deputy GM Retail Banking
Mustafa CAMLAR

Mustafa CAMLAR

SVP, Retail Banking Products Manager


General Manager, Personal Banking Group


(SVP) Director Credit Risk

Key topics

  • Human banking approach focused on customer experience
  • New technologies in the banking industry
  • Open banking as a new trend
  • Digital and branch transformation
  • Payments innovations tools and trends
  • Engaging with blockchains¬†
  • Banking services in the era of new technology
  • FinTech partnerships as a solution to improve bank's services
  • Identifying risks and cybersecurity

Who Should Attend

Members of board, C-level, Senior/Global Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads of departments from banking industry involved in:

  • Technology
  • Blockchain
  • IoT, AR/VR
  • Open banking
  • Branch transformation
  • Mobile banking apps
  • Innovative banking
  • Omni-channel experience
  • FinTech
  • Mobile payments
  • Customer experience
  • Retail/digital banking
  • Intelligent automation
  • Digital wallets
  • Digital innovations
  • Risk and cyber security
  • Voice-first banking
  • Digital customer experience
  • Personal/ private banking
  • Digitalisation
  • Smart branches
  • ATM, ITM
  • Data analytics
  • Risk management