The Essence of Customer-Focused Approaches: Aligning Novel Customer Satisfaction Strategies with a Lucrative Framework

Q1: How can service design be aligned with the company goals and objectives while maintaining a top priority on customer satisfaction?

  • Understand company goals and values with our projects;
  • Define KPI after product discovery – Determine KPIs that matter most to business goals. E.g., revenue, customer retention, market share;
  • Promote a customer-centric culture;
  • Training and Communications;
  • Celebrate Success with key stakeholders.

Q2: How can one stay up-to-date with emerging trends and technological advancement in service design, especially in a constantly evolving business environment?

  • Attend conferences and network with industry experts;
  • Host problem definition workshop with key stakeholders;
  • Read research reports from McKinsey, Deloitte and trending news.

Q3: How can a culture of innovation and customer centricity be fostered within the organisation while keeping service design as a key focus?

  • Lead 5-day design sprint to help the product team perform product discovery, and connect with Design Thinking and Agile framework;
  • Empower cross-functional teams to collaborate on projects. It will help to break silos and fosters a diverse range of perspectives, leading to more innovative and customer-centric practices;
  • Train and coach designers and colleagues to do customer journey maps and service blueprints. By visualising how front stage and back stage facilitate serving customers, you bring clarity on what pain points to solve for customers. With data support, cross-functional teams can prioritise efforts accordingly.

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