Omnichannel Experience: Your Customer At The Centre Of Everything

How does omnichannel transform customer engagement and embrace a connected, collaborative future?

Omnichannel puts the customer at the centre of everything we do: our customers will experience a seamless cross-functional engagement based on a deep understanding of their needs and past engagements with us.

Digital age provides excellent opportunities for engaging with your patients, but is there a way to fully substitute face-to-face contact?

Digital is for us an important part of the channel mix that drives on the one hand our ability to generate customer insights and on the other hand personalisation at scale. From a classical point of view digital plays an important role to increase reach and improve frequency of engagements with our customer, but in the end, it is the customer who decides if face-to-face will be relevant in the future or not. I do not believe that this will be the case and we are thus focusing on Omnichannel and not purely digital marketing.

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