4 Questions For Boris Taratine

How is AI used or can be used in Cyber Space? Are you implementing any kind of AI projects/ programs or techniques for dealing with cyber threats in your company?

Cyberspace generates a lot of data in many different and seemingly unrelated disciplines. None possesses the whole set, but not many are eager to share so the sets can be fused and analysed together. I see this to be an area where machine learning algorithms can be effectively used to help people find weak signals and answer the burning questions. Do not expect magic though – AI in most cases is just about minimising the error function…

Cyber security and connectivity: How to protect IoT systems and devices?

The first step is to ensure we better understand the balance between profit and security in the IoT ecosystem. Once that is improved, we will need to invest more effort to answer the question above. I am not certain the same methods as those in the domain of more expensive technology would be economically effective countermeasures. We will need to be creative.

What are the key trends for the modern cyber defence strategy?

I am glad to see there is a growing understanding that compliance-based approach is not working as anticipated and that new methods are required. However, it is troublesome to see a strong dangerous trend of new buzzwords occupying minds of people without being properly examined.

Is there a lack of cybersecurity talent or a global shortage of cybersecurity skills in the workplace in your industry? What is the solution?

We do not have shortage of skills but a shortage of talent – talents are scarce and rare. Very often the talent would bring the ideas that are at odds to those of skilled. We need to learn how to recognise the talent and let the talent guide the industry forward cutting through the multibillion complexity of the buzzwords.

Boris is a passionate visionary and an influential ambassador of cyber security and cyber defence. He likes spending his time thinking of the possible ways harm can be done in the cyberspace. Then he develop methods and techniques to determine the methodology of individuals who pose a cyber-security threat; original capabilities to prevent the harm, make it more difficult to do, or lessen the consequences. During his PhD studies, Boris co-authored a number of scientific publications and patents granted under NATO HiTech project. He further has dozens of patents granted or pending. He prefers though sharing his ideas (on prevention, of course!) for free to have them used and implemented so he can get back to his thinking. He is a thought leader who has over 30 years of thinking experience in Academia, Cyber Security, Information Security, and Information Technology. He has held leadership roles in a variety of world-renowned companies around the Globe; participated in various industry and law enforcement forums influencing global cyber security development. Boris is an author, frequent panel discussions moderator, a panellist, and a speaker at industry events.


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