8th Annual Pharma Commercial and SFE Summit

9 - 11 Oct 2018, Berlin

The 8th Annual Pharma Commercial and SFE Summit has been designed for you to learn, share and compare the latest trends in the pharma industry regarding the SFE and commercial operations. You will have a great opportunity to discuss the current hot topics and challenges with the other C level decision experts within the pharma industry on the topics such as the selling models and strategies, multi-channels in sales, the role of the digitalisation in the pharma industry or what it should be like inside of your company (couching and training) among the others. If you would like to find out the answers to the questions “how” and “why” regarding the sales in pharma, definitely attend this annual to gain the first-hand results, findings and knowledge from various successful pharma companies, that will share their successful stories and the way they made it up to where they are now. 


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Key Speakers

Maja Zizmund

Sales Director

Astellas Pharma

Rui Lopes

Head of Commercial


Chetak Buaria  

Global Head of Commercial Excellence



Sara Montero Lopez

Business Unit Director

Lundbeck Iberia 

Erdal Bozdogan

Business Unit Director


Ahmed Fors
Commercial Director Gulf & KSA
Vifor Pharma 

Key topics

  • What are the current selling models and strategies in the pharma industry that drive the SFE?
  • How to integrate the multichannel strategy into SFE? 
  • Using KAM for creating long lasting relationships with the stakeholders. Is it possible?
  • Solving the obstacles that are present while using the digital technology in the sales process. Into what extent is digital technology helping the sales reps?
  • How to establish the culture of coaching and commercial excellence?
  • What can you do to tackle the challenge of the market access during the selling process?
  • Dealing with the pharma privacy risks: What is beyond the GDPR?
  • How to monitor sales force metrics and use the data for achieving better results?
  • Profiling and segmentation in the pharma industry. What everything can be reached by this approach?

Who Should attend

This event is designed for Members of board, C-level, Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors and Heads of d Departments from Pharma industry involved in:

  • Commercial Development
  • Commercial Excellence 
  • Commercial Operations
  • Commercial Effectiveness
  • Commercial Portfolio Management
  • Commercial Insights
  • Commercial Strategy & Pricing
  • Commercial Training
  • Field Force Effectiveness
  • Commercial & Market Access 
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Sales Force Excellence
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness
  • Sales & Market Access
  • Sales Strategy
  • Market Insights & Commercial Intelligence
  • Marketing & Commercial Operations
  • Business Unit
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Insight
  • Business Planning
  • Business Intelligence

6th Annual Pharma Commercial and Sales Force Effectiveness Summit will bring         interesting cases from the latest trends shaping the sales force through the commercial models for competitive advantage. With the top companies from the Pharma industry, we will be discussing the best current model in sales, how the CRM can be the best practice to adopt to leverage quantity as well as quality and relevance of the customer facing interactions. What possible ways are there for maximizing the sales force productivity through defying the selling function of the company and identifying the first - line the Sales Manager’s role? We will discuss the best techniques for boosting the company’s sales force productivity and what should be done in the customer-centric model: when going beyond the sales and creating     the 2016 experience.

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